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Assessing 911 Fees – The Right Way

Roger Schneider, owner of Expert Discovery, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama, has helped emergency responders around the country recover millions of dollars, according to Fortune Magazine. Schneider became interested in the Huntsville and Madison County 911 systems when a BellSouth sales representative reviewed his business phone bill and discovered that his business was paying 911 fees on 22 lines ­- costing more than $40 per month. The BellSouth representative, being a member of the oversight board for the 911 system, offered to reduce the number of lines from 22 to 5.

The 911 system, which dispatches police, fire, and ambulances in emergency situations, struggled to raise enough funds to keep the system running and up to date. BellSouth used all its resources to fight the discrepancies, even petitioning the FCC.

On October 25, 2019, the FCC adopted FCC-19-105, a declaratory ruling that states 911 fees shall be assessed on the number of simultaneous outbound calls the subscriber can make. For example, if a subscriber has 5 seats and the 911 fee is $2.23, the subscriber should be assessed $11.15.

If you want to reduce your subscribers’ taxes and fees, Sandy Beaches Software can help you. There are many legal ways to reduce tax and fee assessments on telecom invoices. Contact us at (405)603-6150 or schedule a video call here to discuss ways your company can benefit from a free audit of the taxes and fees being assessed on your invoices.­­

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