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Integribill (IB) is a full-featured pre-paid online telecom customer care and billing program. There aren’t any user seat fees, making it the perfect solution for: MSP’s, Master Agents, and organizations starting to sell VoIP,  ISP, UCAAS, and/or any combination of monthly-recurring and one-time services. 

The program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Invoice creation with customized backers and marketing messages
  • E911 Calculation
  • User Defined Service Bundles
  • White Label Billing
  • End User Credit Card Management with Tokenization
  • Management Dashboard
  • Call Rating
  • Electronic Invoice Delivery
  • Split Taxes on Monthly Recurring Charges
  • User Defined Security Roles
  • Ticketing Module
  • User Defined Equipment Tracking
  • Tax Calculation
  • Prorating of Monthly Recurring Charges
  • Commissioning (one-time, % of gross or % of net)
  • Flexible User Defined Free Minute Plans
  • Video Tutorials
  • Truth in Billing Compliant

Get Started:

After evaluating your billing volume, select a corresponding bucket of billing revenue using the following pricing amounts. 

You may purchase any size billing bucket, however, the amount of revenue billed out of IntegriBill must be a minimum of $10,000/month. The prepaid amount must be used within 6 months. 

Initial payment is via Visa, Mastercard,  or Discover. To pay by ACH, please contact SBS directly.  

We will review your application within 72 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email that your card is being charged for the IB product you requested. You will then receive a link to download the installation application and an instance of the SQL files will be created for you on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

As part of each billing cycle that you complete, we will deduct $10,000 OR the amount of invoiced revenue, “whichever is greater”, from the bucket amount you purchased. This is done according to the following formula:

  • CURRENT revenue is the total amount of current charges on each account invoice.  This includes MRCs, NRCs, Toll Calls, Finance Charges, Taxes, Fees, etc.
  • Billed revenue is CURRENT revenue from the current billing register (Click here for sample billing register) minus a 2.5% allowance for credits and bad debt write-off. 
  • If the CURRENT amount is greater than your account balance, an additional bucket of revenue will need to be purchased before the billing can be released/finalized.  Links for this are provided in the IB application. 

IntegriClient EndUser Portal – $75/month
(Required recurring fee for all IB Products)

For More Information Click Here

We accept the following forms of payment: 


Not included, but available for an additional monthly fee:

IntegriAgent Portal–  $75.00/month

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