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Invoice Delivery Choices:

  • Direct (printed and mailed,)
  • Emailed – your customer receives an email with a PDF version of their invoice  attached or a link to your site where they can view the PDF.
  • Electronic Billing Presentment & Payment (EBPP)
  • Choose one or a combination of all three.

Layout Options – you’ll have full control of each customer’s invoice summary reports.

The reports to be included specify:

  • How many minutes signal a long duration call.
  • How many calls to a city/number constitute a frequently called place.
  • Custom discount plans for specific customers choosing whether the discount is applied to each call or shown as a single line item at the end of the bill.
    • Discounts can be defined by $ volume or minutes of usage.
  • Assigned account codes — each telephone line can have names associated with it.
  • Defined subtotals by name or department.
  • Call minimums and increments for each type of service or on an individual line.

You’ll also have the ability to:

  • Suspend printing of the call detail for any customer.
  • Turn on page breaks at the account level after each number, account code, or summary report.
  • Dictate the number of monthly billing cycles based on your volume. Your customers are all maintained in the same database.

Affinity Billing – IntegriBill allows a brand logo as well as an affinity logo to be printed on the same statement.  An affinity group’s usage can be combined and each customer in the group given a discount based the group’s total usage. Custom messaging for the group may be printed on the cover page. Group usage discounts  and/or commissions are easily added to the program for affinity marketing campaigns.

Custom Messages – The three lines immediately after the address are reserved for custom messages.  A custom message is a message created for a specific account. You determine the number of months a custom message appears on the statement. Customized backers are also available.

Group Billing – You have multiple invoice options for group billing. Not only does a group number allow several accounts’ traffic to be pulled together for discount purposes, but it also allows for summary bills to be created for customers with multiple locations.

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