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Our People Make the Difference

Our People Make the Difference

“The willingness of the folks at Sandy Beaches to accommodate almost every reasonable request. I can’t say enough about the superior customer support they offer. And of course, the system works like a charm.”

That’s a quote from one of our many satisfied customers. Here at Sandy Beaches Software, our staff is our source of strength.

In 1991, I was hired as a consultant to deliver a telecom billing application for Unitel Communication, an MCI reseller in Oklahoma City.  For the next 2 years, I worked in the office with the Unitel staff while developing what would become the InTELEbill application. Unitel sent invoices to their subscribers after only 6 weeks of development. I learned that generating invoices, although the most important requirement, is only a small part of what Telcos need to be successful. I still interact with our clients daily and expect great customer service from every SBS employee.

Because of my programming experience with Unitel, I require our programmers to spend time working in our operations department. Sam Mauer, our lead programmer spent 7 years in operations, and 4 years as the Operations Manager, all before ever writing a line of code. He now is our lead programmer. I can’t imagine anyone writing a telecom billing application without real world experience working with telecom providers.

When you choose Sandy Beaches Software, you’re selecting a team that has worked with more than 200 telecom companies over the past 30 years. Our software has been developed by incorporating the best practices of several telecom providers. We help our clients navigate their blind spots, enabling them to grow their business and remain profitable.

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