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Sandy Beaches Software Rolls Out IntegriBill

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO — April 19, 2018 — Sandy Beaches Software (booth #2047) proudly announces the release of its new convergent billing & customer care software, IntegriBill. This formal product launch from telecom billing industry veteran, Sandy Beaches Software (SBS), marks the end of a long and very thorough development process.

“The IntegriBill product is the culmination of all of the best practices we’ve learned over the last 29 years, coupled with the latest features that our customers and prospects are demanding,” remarked Sam Mauer, lead developer.

Mauer spent the first half of his career at SBS as Director of Operations giving him a fundamental understanding of which tools clients need to run a successful telecom company. He was adamant that the lessons he learned working with clients were incorporated into the IntegriBill product.

“The CSR (typically) is the front line of communication with customers, and they need to be able to quickly access the most pertinent information about the customer. In order to facilitate this, we built a ‘customer information dashboard’ that is accessed as soon as a customer is pulled up. And, beyond that, any other piece of customer information can be accessed in 4 clicks or less,” commented Mauer.

“The Agent Portal is another helpful tool. It enables agents to be self-sufficient because they now have access to their customer information and commission/payment status.”

SBS president and founder, Jeff Lytle, is particularly pleased with his staff’s hard work.

“This product was not ‘farmed out’ overseas for development, it was developed and curated by an in-house staff programming team whose experience exceeds 85 years of writing code within the telecommunications industry. Current clients, as well as new ones, will benefit from the attention to detail that has been taken on every line of code resulting in a full featured, yet affordable billing and customer care solution,” stated Lytle. “We believe the launch of the product is a ‘win’ for our current customers (who will receive IntegriBill at no additional charge) as well as new startups and smaller ICPs who are ready for us to help them ‘get to the next level’ without a huge cash outlay upfront.”

Although IntegriBill is built on a new platform with a more powerful/efficient back-end and rating engine, the user interface was designed to feel familiar to clients (some of whom have been customers for 20+ years.)

“Our product has always had a short learning curve because it’s laid out well and intuitive for new users. So, for an agent wanting to break-out as a startup, or an established provider who is frustrated by their current system, switching to IntegriBill will be pain free. Sandy Beaches has always taken the time to provide the extra ‘hand-holding’ that clients, especially those starting out, need to enable their companies to grow and remain profitable. Introducing a new product is not going to change our commitment to customer service, that is what has made our customers very loyal and greatly contributed to our long-term success.” said Lytle.

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