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IntegriTIP Tuesday: Flexibility is Key for Commission Plans

A billing system should give you the flexibility to build commission plans that will keep your sales team and/or agents motivated and well-informed. It should also provide the tools to ensure that the deal is profitable. Communication Service Providers (CSP) have the ability to sell a multitude of products and services to their clients which can cause the number of commission plan combinations to increase exponentially. The basic types of commissions (% of Net, % of Gross, 1 Time, and Flat Rate) should all be available by Product, by Customer, and by Agent/Sales Rep within your billing system. 

Picking a billing platform that allows for split commissions is ideal, as they are used mainly in a sales management capacity. They may be used to incentivize multiple players pursue and close new business, as well as grow the account. The billing program should also allow for plans that pay commissions to affinity groups and partner organizations as well as the traditional sales management model.    

In order to effectively manage their work, sales reps and agents need to access crucial information in real-time. Tracking payment information such as earnings on a product or account, commissions owed,  paid amounts, and pending payments due to unpaid client’s invoices should be easily accessible to users.  Account information such as client addresses, products/services, and accounts payable contact information is also helpful to sales reps. By accessing real-time data, agents can take the initiative to follow up on overdue invoices and decrease the time spent on collections. The sales team’s real-time access to reporting and commission information also cuts down on the number of questions fielded by the accounting team regarding commission payments.  

When CSPs properly vet billing systems to include flexible commission plans they can achieve long-term success. IntegriBill, by Sandy Beaches Software provides flexibility and all of the other commission features mentioned above. Contact us to schedule a demo of our agent portal IntegriAgent, as well as the IntegriBill billing platform.

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