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VoIP Reseller Compliance

A VoIP reseller faces several compliance requirements. Understanding and adhering to all of them is crucial for a successful and legally compliant operation. Sandy Beaches Software applies taxes and regulatory fees on our client’s invoices through an agreement with a 3rd party vendor. SBS is available for tax mapping consultation of the services our clients are billing their subscribers. Our calculation and consulting services are included with our pricing. We provide reporting (by authority and jurisdiction) on the taxes and fees assessed on your subscribers’ invoices. SBS does not provide direct compliance filing, but rather we provide reports that assist with our client’s compliance reporting requirements. Additionally, our software can track your tax and regulatory fee payments and provide a tax liability report. At Sandy Beaches Software, we’ll help you navigate the all tricky and intricate compliance requirements so your business can flourish in a federally regulated industry.

So, what are the compliance requirements of a VoIP Reseller? An SBS compliance partner has put together a white paper regarding reseller compliance:
VoIP Reseller Programs Fact vs. Fiction
White Label VoIP Reseller Programs:  Fact vs Fiction – Inteserra
FCC Information on the subject:
Common Carrier Filing Requirements – Information for Firms Providing Telecommunications Services | Federal Communications Commission (

Regulatory Fees | Federal Communications Commission (
FCC Compliance Filings (CPNI, 254(g) and Lifeline) are searchable at:
ECFS – Search Filings (

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